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What is Veganuary?

What is Veganuary? It’s a slightly strange sounding word, I’ll admit, but one that’s become ever-more popular since its conception only a few years ago. Veganuary is actually a registered charity that inspires people to go vegan for the month of January, meanwhile promoting the adoption of a plant-based lifestyle in the longer term. The idea is that meat-eaters, pescatarians and veggies alike embark on the challenge to see for themselves the benefits of a vegan diet. For some, the prospect of staving off meat, dairy and eggs for even a day would be on par with climbing Everest, and yet thousands upon thousands of people take on the ‘challenge’ each year. In 2017, the BBC reported a staggering 50,000 sign-ups. If you ask me, that record number will be even greater come 2018.

It’s true, though, that transitioning to any new kind of diet or adapting your lifestyle can present certain hurdles. But I’ve personally known so many people change their diets with great success. Whether that’s been cutting out meat, ditching dairy or going the whole nine yards by switching to a vegan diet. But doing something like Veganuary, you’re not just left to fend for yourself. Those deciding to take part can sign up through the registered charity and receive support in the form of daily recipes, meal plans and advice on nutrition. Let’s face it, that would be pretty handy for most of us!


Is it worth it?

Ok, so we’ve covered the big question (what is Veganuary?), but is it actually worth it? You could argue – and trust me, lots of people do! – that there’s little point in trying something like a diet change for only a month and you could even go so far as to say that the majority of people won’t stick it out that long. It’s true, there could be merit to both of those points but ultimately there is no harm is trying. 

In fact, I think you’ll find it surprising how much change people notice in such a short space of time. The benefits of a vegan diet are truly far-reaching; it has been reported that health is the second biggest reason for people ditching meat and dairy and according to the charity, people have seen incredible results after just a month of eating vegan. In a recent survey, 75% of people noticed an improvement in their health. Reports also highlighted better sleep and weight loss

Will you try it?

Whether it’s for health, the animals, the planet or just the challenge, there are a wealth of reasons to give Veganuary a go this year. You could see it as an opportunity to try something new, experience fresh flavours and embark on a better, healthier lifestyle. Vegan or not, there are clear benefits to reducing your meat and dairy consumption and this month-long challenge is a great way to discover those advantages first-hand. If you are after some recipe inspiration then have a look at our collection here. Or, for any advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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