Going Vegan for January
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going vegan for january

Last year, we published a blog post explaining the concept of Veganuary. This year, we’re just going to give you a few quick and compelling reasons why you should consider giving it a whirl for 2019. Going vegan for January might seem challenging to some but we can assure you it’s worth it!


discover new food

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but a lot of us can be guilty of sticking to what we know and like. That could mean spag bol every Monday and stir fry every Saturday, but it might just mean that you’re not always as adventurous as you’d like to be with your food. Going vegan for a month not only lays bare a world of opportunity, it basically forces you into trying new things. Eliminating meat, dairy and eggs from your diet calls you to rethink and get creative. Can’t use that white lasagne sauce anymore? Give oat milk a go by creating a roux and adding in some nutmeg, sage and garlic. You’ll quickly be surprised at how easy and exciting it is to try all the alternatives out there!


give your health a boost

Not all vegans are healthy. Technically, you could live on a vegan diet eating just chips alone. Delicious though that may be, we wouldn’t recommend a potato-only approach. In reality, going vegan for January means saying no to brownies that get passed around the office, swapping out the bacon sandwich for something a little less greasy and subbing a lot of your meals with (for the most part) a healthier alternative. For those worrying about protein intake, I’ll stop you right there; a vegan diet can provide all the nutrients, minerals and necessities your body needs to function at its best. Want some more info on this? Take a look here, here or here.



be kind to the environment

Did you catch that article in the Guardian earlier this year? It has been stated that ditching meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth. Climate change is real; it’s happening right here, right now and we’re already starting to see the effects. Joseph Poore, who led the research that went into this article, noted that a vegan diet would be far more beneficial than “cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car”.

Professor Tim Benton, from the University of Leeds, added to this, saying that “eating less livestock produce and more vegetables and fruit – has the potential to make both us and the planet healthier.” Seems pretty compelling! But, being a realist, I know that change doesn’t happen overnight – that’s why going vegan just for January can be a great way of testing the water and trying out the delicious food whilst giving the environment a bit of a break. If you want some more information on this topic, here is another article from The Independent.


take on a challenge with a friend

If you know someone that’s keen to give Veganuary a try but doesn’t want to do it on their own, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved! Going vegan for January can be a lot more fun if you’ve got someone else you can cook with or get inspiration from. Bounce ideas off each other, share your tips and celebrate your successes together!


If you want some more ideas, information or inspiration, please feel free to get in touch with us, we’d be happy to share our advice and recipes with you!

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