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vivera vegan steak

Despite being founded in 1990, veggie food brand, Vivera, has only recently made an appearance on the UK scene. Thanks to supermarkets like Tesco, which seem to be pretty ahead of the game when it comes to new plant-based offerings, the Vivera range now has a place in the UK. And although this brand only recently made their way into British stores, the Dutch company has a pretty staggering range on offer. In this week’s Feature Friday, we’re going to be focusing on the product that’s got everyone talking: the Vivera vegan steak.


Now, neither of us have had an actual steak before, so it was really exciting to find a product like this. We’ve seen a lot of weird and wonderful offerings in the plant-based world but a vegan steak – one that supposedly bleeds, much like the terrifyingly authentic Impossible Burger – was completely new to us.

vivera vegan steak



In the packaging, the Vivera vegan steak doesn’t look like much. Just how you’d expect a meat alternative to be – pinkish brown in colour and kind of plain looking. Our first impressions were slightly skewed by some of the reviews we’d already come across, but – as always – we tried our best to go into this new product review with an open mind…



Honestly, the flavour was unlike any other meat alternative we’ve come across before. There was a real savouriness to it which was great. Some reviews highlighted that this product is more akin to a burger than a steak – whilst we can’t comment on the intricate flavour differences between the two, I would say that if true, that probably isn’t the worst thing! Having tried it in a burger and as pictured in this post, we both agree that this vegan steak is as versatile as it is flavoursome. In a burger or as is, it’s damn good and there’s no denying that! Playing around with enhancing the flavours, on a subsequent taste-test, we cooked the Vivera vegan steaks in garlic butter which added even more succulence. On that note…



Again, unlike some of the other alternatives on the market, the Vivera vegan steak has a real meatiness to it. The texture is tough enough to know you’re not just eating mushy vegetables that have been squashed into a shape that resembles a steak. That said, this product is succulent enough to be juicy and seriously satisfying to eat, too.

vivera vegan steak


It bleeds, though…

Yep, that is terrifyingly life-like blood on the plate. And it’s a pretty weird thing to get your head around at first, but as we’re seeing more and more products like this and we think there is a certain comfort in that. For those who have never eaten steak before, this may well be a touch off-putting – there was definitely a moment or two of psyching ourselves up before actually taking a bite. That said, as we’ve seen with other revolutionary products such as the Moving Mountains Burger or No Bull Burger, vegan food is becoming increasingly more realistic and flavoursome. And as such, it’s being seen as a genuine alternative to even the most ardent meat eaters.

If you ask us, that’s pretty incredible progress.


We’ve been busy devouring as much of the Vivera range as possible – including the vegan fish goujons and fish burger (spoiler alert: they’re delicious). More reviews will be on their way soon, so keep an eye on our blog! If you have any products you’d like us to review, please give us a shout!

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