busaba launches a new vegan dish with Oumph!

Busaba vegan

Oumph! is a brand we’ve raved about a lot on our blog – and for good reason! This company, owned by Food for Progress, creates the delicious mock meats that provide endless opportunities for new foodie creations. In fact, one of our most popular recipes features ‘the Chunk’ by Oumph!

We were recently invited to an evening at Busaba with Oumph! to sample some of their incredible vegan offerings. Busaba is home to authentic Thai food and boasts a beautifully tranquil interior with an array of exquisite food on the menus. The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful; we spoke with the head chef who talked us through the creation of this latest vegan dish and it was great to hear how much time and thought had gone into creating this recipe.

This event was primarily to test the newest addition to the menu – the Vegan Weeping Tiger Jay which is a limited edition dish. However, we also got to tuck into their famous ‘Soyamari’ (a vegan version of calamari) along with some other drinks and nibbles.



Busaba is famous for its calamari. But for those who don’t eat fish, they’ve created a completely vegan version of the classic. Using Oumph!’s ‘The Chunk’, Busaba have more than delivered on flavour and texture with this dish. It’s super crispy on the outside, chewy and ‘meaty’ on the inside and coated in a deliciously sweet, sticky and gingery sauce. Our only regret was eating so much of this that we didn’t have as much room for our main!

busaba vegan

Vegan Weeping Tiger Jay

This dish will knock your socks off. Quite literally – it is absolutely packed with flavour and delivers a hefty punch with it! The Oumph! is marinated then triple cooked in a dark soya and ginger sauce with green beans, spring onion, Chinese chive and red chili. Because of this process, the mock meat is completely saturated with flavour, resulting in a juicy, powerful hit with every bite. Coming from two people who don’t have the highest tolerance for spice, it did take a few glasses of water and plenty of rice to manage this dish. That said, we’ll definitely be going back for more! The Vegan Weeping Tiger Jay from Busaba was inventive, aromatic and completely unique.
Sadly, this dish is only available for a limited time. But it’s still so great to see more vegan additions and we hope that the positive responses to this dish demonstrate the substantial demand out there. Once again, thank you to everyone at Busaba and Oumph! for the delicious food and lovely company.
busaba vegan
If you fancy checking out the incredible food at one of Busaba’s restaurants, here are their 13 locations throughout London: Soho, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, St Christopher’s Place, Bloomsbury, Oxford Circus, Westfield London, Chelsea, Westfield Stratford, Shoreditch, Hoxton, The O2 and Kingston Riverside.

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