Travelling can be stressful at the best of times – tickets to print, clothes to pack, flights to catch, you know the drill – but being vegan can add that little bit of extra (unwanted) stress to push you right over the edge. Don’t go cancelling your trip just yet, though! I’ve been lucky enough to do a fair bit of gallivanting and – after making my share of mistakes – I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. Have a read through the list below for some handy vegan travel tips – we hope you find them as useful as they are tasty!


Plan Ahead

Planning, ugh boring! Haven’t you already done enough by sorting out your travel, accommodation and suitcase?! I’m not trying to take the fun out of your trip (I promise), but a little bit of planning can go a looong way! Trust me, I’ve been caught out by a lack of planning/research too many times than I care to count. If you’re gearing up to jet off, then Google is quickly going to become your best friend. Make the most of the resources available to check out the local restaurants, cafes and markets; you’ll quickly get an idea of how vegan-friendly the place you’re staying is. In my experience, most places have at least one or two veggie and vegan finds – more often than not, it just comes down to knowing where to look!

If you haven’t heard of it already, then I highly recommend the Happy Cow app; you can discover so many amazing shops and eateries suited to us plant-based folk. This is such a great tool for planning as you can mark all those go-to places and easily view their location, reviews, photos and more. You’re welcome, everyone!


Bring Snacks

This one is probably pretty obvious. Wherever you go, bring snacks. It’s that simple! Veganism has come a long way – even in just the last couple of years – but unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee there’ll be vegan-friendly food available the moment that hunger strikes. When it comes to vegan travel tips, this is one you simply can’t ignore. Just make sure you’ve got something high in protein and you won’t have to worry about (h)anger rearing its ugly head for a while! Trail mix and cold-pressed cereal bars always go down a treat.


Learn the Basics

We’re not all gifted with the ability to learn languages – the struggle is real you guys – but it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the basics. I’m talking about those key words ‘vegetarian’, ‘vegan’ etc. It would also be wise to learn a few of the staple ingredients you’re avoiding such as ‘milk’ or ‘egg’. This way, you can spot them more easily on a menu or list of ingredients.


Opt for Self-Catered

We get the appeal of sitting back, relaxing and letting someone else worry about sorting dinner for a change. And that’s totally fine, you deserve a break! But when it comes to things like breakfast, not all hotels will cater for vegans. If you opt for self-catered accommodation, such as an Air BnB place with kitchen facilities, you can rest assured that you’ll be starting each day with a proper, hearty breakfast! Also, you’ll still have the choice to eat out whenever you want, you just won’t be tied down.

Hopefully, this list of vegan travel tips will help you on your next jet-setting mission. Remember, with some snacks in your bag and a bit of clever planning, there’ll be no more missed meals, rumbling tummies or language barriers leading to dodgy dishes!

Bon Voyage!

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