Vegan Cheese Alternatives: The Best Of The Best

Whatever your reason for going dairy-free – be it health, ethical, environmental or otherwise – giving up cheese is often the hardest part. You can have soya/almond/oat milk in your tea and coffee, dairy-alternatives are undetectable in baking and dark chocolate is better for you anyway … but can you actually imagine a world full of cheese-less pizzas? Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. Yes, cheese tastes good but it’s not the be-all and end-all of delicious food! With that said, it’s high time you had a look at some vegan cheese alternatives and discovered something new to tickle your taste buds with…


This brand is quite possibly one of our all-time favourites. They offer such a wide variety of vegan cheese alternatives – not to mention a whole host of other products such as mock meats, dips and chocolate – so you’re really going to be spoilt for choice. Our favourites have to be either the No-Moo Aromatic or No-Moo Piquant, as they have such a strong, addictive flavour. But the No-Moo Melty is delicious, too and perfect for pizzas; it offers just the melty, cheesy goodness you’re after. 


Ok, we can’t claim to love every Tofutti product we’ve ever tried but damn is their Cream Cheese the best we’ve tasted! Over the years, we’ve eaten our way through different products and brands – I know, poor us – and in a particular attempt to find the best vegan cheese alternative for a cheesecake, Tofutti came out on top. There’s something about the taste and texture that’s eerily similar to the real deal and this makes it perfect for a dessert like cheesecake. Add some lemon zest or vanilla essence and honestly, I doubt anybody would ever know it wasn’t real cheese.


We first discovered Sheese at VegFest a few years back, and thanks to their generous samples we got to indulge in every flavour they had going. Their cheesy spreads are incredibly tasty and make a great addition to sandwiches, crackers and even sauces (you might have already come across this brand in some of our recipes, such as the Good-For-You Pesto Pizza). If you’re longing for a creamy pasta sauce then something like the Sweet Chilli Spread is perfect. They do plenty of other vegan cheese alternatives, too, so if you’re looking for the best kind to grate on top of pasta or slice up for a toastie then the Cheddar Style with Caramelised Red Onion is a definite winner. 

Vegan Cheese Alternatives Aren’t Your Only Options…

There are some of you out there who could chow down on a million different options and never find a vegan cheese that takes your fancy. But don’t give up hope – there is life after cheese! We would recommend shifting your focus to dishes that don’t feature cheese as an integral ingredient and strengthening the other flavours instead. Take pasta as an example: you don’t need that sprinkling of parmesan if the sauce and other elements can carry themselves on their own. With rich tomato sauces, hundreds of different spices and a wealth of options out there, you’ll likely find that you don’t even miss the cheese at all.


Please note: all the views expressed in this post are our unsolicited and honest opinions. We have no affiliations with the businesses above, we simply want to spread the word about some of the fantastic vegan cheese alternatives that we’ve found. We hope you found it useful!

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